Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back to studying Japanese


The truth is I haven't used Japanese for 2 years.  I regret that I stopped Studying Japanese.  I stopped studying Japanese because I was really depressed.  To make things worse I didn't have interest in anything.  A lot of people didn't know my feelings.  I didn't want to explain myself to friends and family. I thought I was living alone.  But recently I became better.  No one could help me but myself.   I am happy! I am really happy! Believe me!


Recently, I've been watching Japanese drama. I can't really understand anything that's been said in the drama.  It's really shameful..I am worried... I will do my best! From now on I will study Japanese everyday.  I will practice japanese everyday!

I'Ve been to Japan twice. Three years ago I went to Japan with my family and friends.  It was winter.  Japan's winter is colder than America.   It was a shame because we only went to Tokyo.  One day I want to go back to Japan.  I want to go to Kyoto and Fukuoka. It's such a shame that we didn't take a lot of photos.  Actually at that time I was obsessed with shopping.   At that time I always went shopping.   When we were in Japan I shopped everyday.   I bought a lot of cute clothes, shoes and accessories.   I regret that I wasted a lot of my money.




  1. Ganbatte with Nihongo! I took a break with Nihongo Benkyoshimasu, I started studying in 2011 but my last sensei was literally a bitch... she humiliated me in class and I really was traumatized! @_@

    I'll learn again when I need to... may be when I move to Tokyo someday! Haha!

    Kyoto is very nice for nature-tripping! You should come again... the best season is March-May and October-November... Summer in JPN is extreme! Even hotter than Manila... and I agree the winter is extreme too... it's too dry!

    But Shopping in Tokyo is the best!! Haha!